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About AirFuel

The AirFuel Alliance is a global coalition of innovative companies who are committed to a world where we can power up without plugging in. We achieve this by developing standards for leading edge wireless power technologies and accelerating their adoption.

The AirFuel Alliance was established in 2015 and is governed by a board of directors from leading wireless companies. Together we create universal standards for wireless power technologies, advocate for industry-wide standards adoption and advance our collective mission to eliminate the last cord in our lives.

Board of Directors


Members of AirFuel Alliance play a central role in defining the future of wireless power, power management and efficient power usage. Our members represent the various global markets and full spectrum of the wireless charging value chain, from semiconductor and device manufacturers to automotive and infrastructure solutions providers. By developing common standards for leading edge wireless power technologies and accelerating their adoption, we advance our mission to eliminate cords.

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Working Committees

AirFuel Alliance has an active membership participating in a variety of working committees. These committees are made up of members with subject matter expertise on a given topic, led by a chairperson and vice-chairperson. Our active working committees include the Magnetic Resonant Working Committee (MRWC), Uncoupled Working Committee (UWC), Regulatory Working Committee (RWC), Certification Working Committee (CWC), Marketing Advisory Panel (MAP).

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Media Relations

With media inquiries, please contact Trish Thomas at email: press@airfuel.org.