Working Committees

AirFuel Alliance has an active membership participating in a variety of working committees. These committees are made up of members with subject matter expertise on a given topic, managed by a chairperson and vice-chairperson.

Magnetic Resonant Working Committee (MRWC)

Develops and maintains technical specifications for wireless power transfer technologies based on AirFuel Resonant. Committee scope includes creation of compliance test specifications and interoperability test scenarios for resonant and multimode based systems.
Chair: Ky Sealy, WiTricity
Vice-Chair: Dave Ott, Qualcomm

Uncoupled Working Committee (UWC)

Develops and maintains technical specifications for wireless power and charging based on non-magnetic technologies including RF, ultrasound, and laser that deliver power at a distance with complete mobility.
Chair: Neeraj Sahejpal, Energous
Vice-Chair: Asaf Elssibony, Humavox

Regulatory Working Committee (RWC)

An advisory committee supporting the technical working committees. In this role, the RWC focuses on global and regional requirements for radio frequency emissions and coexistence. This work ensures that AirFuel technology remains compatible with other consumer and commercial based devices.
Chair: Billy Manning, Energous
Vice-Chair: Mark Briggs, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Certification Working Committee (CWC)

Responsible for the establishment of a world class certification program. In this role, the CWC oversees certification programs which include the development and maintenance of test plans and implementation conformance specifications. This work ensures AirFuel certified devices meet the rigorous standards put in place by the Alliance.
Chair: Scott Fischel, Qualcomm

Marketing Advisory Panel (MAP)

MAP helps drive growth and awareness of AirFuel Alliance as the preeminent wireless charging standards organization through its strategic marketing and marketing communications efforts. Made up of members with expertise in marketing, product management, and related backgrounds, members have the opportunity to participate in market requirements document creation, event planning, public relations, market development, and much more. MAP interfaces with the technical committees to ensure consumer preference is considered as the AirFuel standard progresses.
Chair: Trish Thomas