October 22, 2021 - Chongdiantou Wireless Power Asia Expo 2021

This year’s Wireless Power Asia Expo 2021 conference, hosted by Chongdiantou, will be held on October 22nd, 2021 as a free hybrid conference in Shenzhen, China and feature presentations on the latest in wireless power technologies.

In addition to hosting a booth for companies to learn about AirFuel technologies and joining our community, AirFuel Alliance will be presenting a keynote on The Rise of Wireless Power. Full keynote details below.

View the full program and register on the event website linked below.



Keynote Presentation

October 22 2021 at 13:30 – 14:00 GMT+08

Today’s wireless power technologies are failing to deliver what consumers are looking for when we talk about wireless charging.

The most important characteristics for a wireless charging experience are the ability to charge multiple devices of different kinds at the same time and at a distance. A consumer may have a laptop, a mobile phone, and a smartwatch, and they want all of them to be charged simultaneously with true spatial freedom.

Next generation technologies like AirFuel RF and AirFuel Resonant, enabled by emerging research, semiconductor advances, technical standards and regulatory guidance, are finally giving consumers the experience they want and need.

In this presentation, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, President of AirFuel Alliance, will talk about the progress we have made and the opportunities for innovation to achieve our shared dream of a world where we can power up without plugging in.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta
President & Chairman of AirFuel Alliance

Sanjay Gupta, Ph.D is President and Chairman of the AirFuel Alliance. Dr. Gupta is an entrepreneurial technology executive with expertise in conceptualizing and launching innovative hardware, firmware, and software systems solutions. He has broad experience identifying market opportunities to create revenue-generating products, developing and implementing product strategy, and establishing market leadership.

Recognized for creating engaging user experiences, building and maintaining product or technology roadmaps, and developing and leading global organizations, Dr. Gupta is a collaborative leader, highly effective in fast-moving matrixed organizations in diverse markets and industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT).

At Motorola Mobility, Dr. Gupta developed and delivered multi-generation product and system solutions for a USD 1B business bringing 80+ new products to market every year and led global organizations of hundreds of people in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Dr. Gupta has a track record of ‘industry firsts’, such as mixed signal wireless charging ASIC, Dell Laptop with wireless charging, Android smartwatch and fitness monitoring ecosystem, and first smartphone with Wi-Fi and Voice Over IP.


View the full program and register on Chongdiantou’s website linked below:


We are pleased to continue our partnership with Chongdiantou as we accelerate the adoption of next-generation wireless power technologies around the world.