June 17, 2021 - Guide to AirFuel Resonant Communication Protocol Suite


June 17, 2021
7:00PM Eastern Time

AirFuel Resonant wireless charging can deliver power to multiple receivers from a single transmitter, even when devices have different power requirements. How does it coordinate this? By using a Bluetooth Low Energy firmware.

GPHY, a leader in wireless charging for laptops, has developed and tested an AirFuel Resonant BLE communication protocol framework compatible with the NRF52 series and FreeRTOS™. To accelerate the development of AirFuel-certified devices, GPHY is offering the firmware license at no cost for AirFuel Alliance members!

In this webinar, Hubert Audet, CTO of GPHY, and Christophe Breton, Chief Embedded Software Engineer, will walk through how to use the AirFuel Resonant BLE firmware to simplify your product development and reduce your time to market. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How BLE allows multi-device charging from a single transmitter
  • How AirFuel Resonant BLE communication protocol works
  • A step by step guide of how to use GPHY’s AirFuel Resonant BLE firmware to reduce development cost

Register to learn about the BLE firmware, to join the live webinar and Q&A, and to receive the recording of the webinar following the live event.


Webinar Panelists

Hubert Audet
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at GPHY

A graduate in engineering physics from Laval University in Quebec city and a master’s degree in project management, Hubert co-founded GPHY in 2018 and has been its CTO since. Previously, Hubert acquired engineering skills in the development of liquid crystal lenses at the Optics, Photonics and Laser Research Center of Laval University. He also worked on product development at Olympus. Hubert took part of the ACE training from AirFuel.


Christophe Breton
Chief Embedded Software Engineer at GPHY

Having a lot of experience in embedded software in various companies, Christophe joined GPHY in early 2020 in and has since then been its Chief Embedded Software Engineer. Along with GPHY’s goal to bring the benefits of AirFuel wireless charging for laptops to market, Christophe developed both the transmitter firmware and the receiver firmware based on this standard.


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