Test Fest – November 2019

Nov 20 – 22  Seongnam, South Korea

About the Test Fest

AirFuel Alliance testing events give members the opportunity to test device interoperability. We will be holding our next Test Fest from November 20th to the 22nd at the TTA facilities in Seongnam, South Korea.

This event is focused on AirFuel Resonant technology, and will serve as a launch event for BSS-A H-field-based certification. Participation is open to all developers of AirFuel Resonant devices, and personnel from member test labs.

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Event Details


Nov 20 – 22 2019
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

47 Bundang-ro, Bundang-gu
Seongnam, Dyeonggi-do, 13591
Republic of Korea

TAA office

Test Fest Objectives

  • Prepare for launch of BSS-A H-field based device certification.
  • PTU/PRU interoperability testing.
  • Execution of the tests defined in the AirFuel Resonant Interoperability Test Specification.
  • Prepare initial list of devices to consider including in the Interoperability Device List (IDL) to support certification of “-A” devices.
  • Highlight problems with interpretations of the underlying standards and submit these to the appropriate AirFuel Working Committees (WCs).
  • Identify problems with firmware or software interoperability among various vendor implementations within a controlled environment.

What to Expect at Test Fest

  • The Certification Authority (CA) will proctor the event and administer the device test slot assignments.
  • Participants should provide sufficient test engineering support for their devices under test – one per device is recommended.
  • Device makers must provide their own equipment for diagnosing problems and examining results. PTU devices, in particular, must have a method for determining the state of the device. We will coordinate renting local equipment as needed. See the IOT testing specification for details.
  • PTU devices using resonators that have not had their magnetic field characterized with an H-field scanner should be prepared to adjust their target current levels as needed to generate reasonable field strengths.
  • Depending on the number of devices participating, testing may be complete before the last day of the event (Friday, November 22nd).
  • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Rules of Engagement (RoE) to facilitate open and unambiguous discussions among all participants.

AirFuel Test Fest event


  • Results of interoperability tests can be used for certification purposes, if the tests are witnessed or performed by AirFuel Testing Lab personnel.


The event will be held if we have three (3) PTU and PRU devices from different manufacturers registered to participate. Those registered to attend will only be charged if we meet these registration numbers, and will be charged $500 for 2 participants. Additional participants will be $199 per attendee. If we do not have sufficient participants registered, we shall attempt to hold another test event at the end of the 1Q of 2020.

Participation is open to all members of the AirFuel Alliance. Devices can be at any stage of development, as long as they are capable of transferring power. PTU devices should use resonators that have performed the H-field scan, but this is not required.

Additional Registration Details

Registration Criteria & Eligibility

A minimum level of participation from device makers will be needed in order to hold the event: At least three (3) PTU and three (3) PRU devices with a diversity of at least (2) vendors participating in the resonant testing. If those minimum requirements, based on paid registration fees, are fulfilled three (3) weeks before the Test Event, AirFuel reserves the right to cancel or postpone the entire event to a future date and/or location. The AirFuel staff will communicate any event scope change to membership no later than October 31, 5pm PDT.

AirFuel Test Events are open to all AirFuel members in good standing. Attendance is strictly limited to individuals from companies with hardware to test and Test Lab member personnel who will support the testing objectives. If your company is not able to participate in this event, you will still be eligible to participate in future events if desired. E-Qualus Partners will coordinate this event for AirFuel. If you have any questions or concerns about their coordination of this event, please contact Ed Pichon (ed.pichon@e-qualus.com)

Test Lab Participation

Test lab members are encouraged to register and to use this opportunity to work with AirFuel devices and to build testing competence in the updated BSS-A specifications.

Transport & Accommodations

Seongnam can be reached by bus from Incheon airport. There are multiple hotels within a short taxi or bus ride from TTA’s site, near the Pangyo and Seohyeon train stations, including:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Pangyo
  • Residence Pangyo
  • Pangyo Stay
  • Bundang Mate Tourist Hotel
  • JS Hotel Bundang
  • Noblesse Hotel


AirFuel Alliance will require that each company participating in the event complete an umbrella Test Fest NDA in order to participate in the event. This NDA will be provided to those companies that express an interest in participation and is not subject to alteration or customization.

AirFuel Alliance also requires that each individual participant of the event complete the “Rules of Engagement” (RoE) Agreement. This document is available for review and signature during the participant registration process. This document is not subject to alteration or customization. Failure to sign this completed agreement will prevent the individual from participation.

Late Registrations, Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Submissions after October 31 will be placed on a wait list, and the event may be cancelled if registration numbers are not sufficient.
  • Registrations after October 31 will be subject to a $1250 per device fee.
  • Cancellations received on or before November 8, 2019 receive $200 refund.
  • Cancellations received after November 8, 2019 – NO REFUND.


Ed Pichon
Head of Testing & Certification
+1(469)733-4273 (Z-5)