2nd Annual Developers Forum Recap


The program presented tools and technical support to accelerate product development, integration and market adoption of both Magnetic Resonance and RF technology.

The 2019 AirFuel Alliance Developers Forum was held on March 12th – 13th at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai in Shenzhen, China. A closed door AirFuel member session was hosted on Day Two on March 13th at the same venue.

Program Highlights
The 2019 Developers Forum addressed topics ranging from good design practices, to frequency selection factors, KPIs, standards compliance, interoperability testing, and certification. Day One offered attendees an agenda packed with industry heavy-hitters:

  • To open the day, Dinesh Kithany of IHS Markit presented on why wireless power technology is about more than just charging smartphones.
  • Neeraj Sahejpal, Senior VP of Product Marketing, and Gordon Bell, VP of Marketing, for Energous, discussed the scale and scope of AirFuel RF wireless power and debunked common myths about RF Uncoupled technology.
  • Tiefeng Shi, an RF Power & Wireless Power Expert from GaN Systems, presented on power amplifier and coil optimization design for large air gap applications.
  • Alex Lidow, CEO and Co-founder of EPC, shared the building blocks needed for rapid adoption of Magnetic Resonance power transfer.
  • AirFuel Resonant reference designs and applications were presented by Jose Fang, CEO of NewVastek.
  • Joon Rhee, CEO and Board Chairman of MAPS, discussed evolving to the next generation of wireless power through AirFuel Resonant dual mode products.

“A great two day event full of learning more about AirFuel and seeing the great progress by members in the commercialization of the AirFuel technology. I encourage companies to take a look at what we’ve accomplished and consider joining the Alliance.”  – Paul Weiner, GaN Systems

“I am very pleased to see the amount of interest in getting AirFuel Resonant devices certified and in the market.”  – Ed Pichon, AirFuel Alliance

Winners of the AirFuel Alliance Leadership Awards
The winners of the first annual AirFuel Alliance Leadership Awards were announced at the close of Day One of the 2019 Developers Forum. The Technical Leadership Awards recognize best-in-class contributions to the advancement of wireless power. Awards presented were:

AirFuel Resonant Product Excellence Award
Jeff Shu, CEO, jjPlus

AirFuel RF Product Excellence Award
Neeraj Sahejpal, SVP Energous Corporation

AirFuel Power Electronics Excellence Award
Michael de Rooij, VP of Application Engineering, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation

AirFuel Research Excellence Award
Professor Chengbin Ma & Dr. Ming Liu

All AirFuel Alliance Technical Leadership Awards

“The AirFuel Developers Forum brought together the key players in wireless power and will definitely move forward the adoption of AirFuel-based wireless power systems. As a semiconductor company I was able to meet with many prospective or actual customers in a way that will certainly boost our business and inform our future product development activities.”  – Alex Lidow, EPC

We would like to share our immense gratitude to everyone for their contributions to the 2nd Annual AirFuel Alliance Developers Forum.