Microtips Technology to Exhibit AirFuel Wireless Charger at Computex 2017

Taipei, 18 May 2017- Microtips Technology Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of wireless chargers and ecosystem will highlight its diverse product line at Computex 2017 from May 30 to Jun 3, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. Microtips Technology booth is at Nangang Hall I J1203.  Except providing the seamless wireless charging experience at the booth, by the joint partners of InforCharge and Dante Coffee, it will demonstrate wireless charging ecosystem and kiosk in real coffee shop scenario.

Wireless charging has been under development for years but its adoption has yet to take off.  However, consumer demand for wireless charging can be expected to escalate with IoT and mobile devices becoming more widespread. Especially when people get to experience how convenient it is, user habits will change and wireless charging will ignite tremendous business opportunities.

Established in 1997, Microtips focused on the development of digital media testing products, including effectors, sound effect makers and audio mixers, at the early stage. Having accumulated years of R&D experience in digital signal processor technology, Microtips started to make a transition a few years ago. It has spent three years collaborating with Qualcomm to develop wireless charging solutions and has begun shipments of wireless charging products to handset and tablet makers this year.

As a member of the AirFuel Alliance, Microtips has obtained licensed technology from Qualcomm to develop MR wireless charging products. Microtips team has spent two years on product R&D and successfully developed software, firmware and integrated solutions, particularly Bluetooth communication between the transmitter and the receiver and the power flow management of the wireless charging module, which are expert MR know-hows barring followers from entering the market. Microtips is officially launching its wireless charging brand AIRON this year. In addition to efficiency, safety is also critical to wireless charging, so AIRON has obtained safety certifications from the authorities, including CE, FCC, NCC (Taiwan), and SRRC (China).

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Dante Coffee
Launched its first store in Taipei on November 12, 1993. At that time, coffee was a luxury in Taiwan. There were few people who were able to pay the high price of coffee in order to bring the coffee culture into people’s life, Dante Coffee became the first coffee shop to provide its customers with high quality coffee at an affordable price.  There are now around 120 Dante coffee shops in Taiwan, 20 in Indonesia, 5 in Kuwait, one in Saudi Arabia.