Get AirFuel Certified

As the AirFuel Alliance wireless charging ecosystem grows, it’s imperative that different devices and surfaces remain fully compatible with one another, ultimately giving the end-user a consistent experience wherever they charge their devices. For this reason, only products certified as conforming to the AirFuel Alliance standards are permitted to use the AirFuel name and logo.

The AirFuel Alliance has created a certification program based on ISO 17065 and ISO/IEC 17025. The program consists of independent third-party testing by Authorized Test Labs followed by review and approval from our Certification Authority. They attest to compliance with the Conformance Test Specification, the Interoperability Test Specification, as well as satisfying the features and attributes necessary to ensure products and surfaces from different manufacturers are interoperable.

Proof of product certification enables worldwide operation independent of local power utility differences. In addition, AirFuel Alliance certified modules and reference designs can be incorporated into end products to reduce investment uncertainties in the value chain.

Certified Labs

AirFuel Resonant Authorized Test Laboratories are ISO 17025 ILAC-accredited conformity assessment bodies that have undergone additional scrutiny. Current authorized test laboratories include:

  • Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA), Bundang, Korea
  • DEKRA Testing and Certification, Inc., Sterling, Virginia & EE.UU

AirFuel Inductive Authorized Test Laboratories can accept a wide variety of products –from accessory equipment vendors to automotive manufacturers.

  • DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.
  • TUV Rheinland
  • Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA), Bundang, Korea

If you are interested in becoming an AirFuel Alliance Authorized Testing Lab, you must follow these steps:

  • Join the AirFuel Alliance as a Test Lab member and complete a business agreement.
  • Become ISO 17025 accredited for the AirFuel Alliance test specification.
  • Submit an application to the AirFuel Alliance showing accreditation as well as appropriate lab metadata.
  • Host an onsite audit by the AirFuel Alliance Test Laboratory Program Manager.

Upon successful completion of the AirFuel Alliance audit, the Board of Directors will review each applicant. If accepted, ATLs are then authorized to test products bound for certification. A re-assessment occurs every two years to confirm continued compliance with AirFuel Alliance specifications.

For questions about AirFuel Alliance Authorized Test Laboratories, please submit a contact form or contact Ed Pichon at ed.pichon@airfuel.org.