Wireless Power Developer Program


The AirFuel Developer Program gives OEMs, ODMs, and start ups from around the world the support and resources they need to develop and commercialize new wireless charging solutions.

We bring everything together in one place. Tools, training materials, hands-on learning opportunities and events – all designed to help AirFuel members and non-members learn more about Resonant and RF technologies and how to bring them to market effectively.


Product testing and certification are the keys to ensuring interoperability and reliability for your product or infrastructure solution. AirFuel provides tools to make it easier and more affordable to do both:

  • Product testing — AirFuel has several options for product testing including resonators and our new, next-gen Resonant testing platform. Designed with National Instruments, the worldwide leader in testing tools, software and platforms, this new platform will make it faster and more cost-effective to test products. Look for availability in Spring 2018.
  • Certification — Once a product has been successful tested for interoperability and compliance, it can be certified. AirFuel makes certification simple and seamless – check out our Certification page for more details.

Training Materials

AirFuel offers information and materials to help you master requirements, testing and certification. Members can access these materials anytime in our password-protected library.

Hands-On Learning & Support

You can work with AirFuel technology experts to gain valuable insight, tips and instruction on everything from good design practices to go-to-market strategies. Or, access our list of AirFuel directory to find the best partners and vendors to work with to complete your product.