Chengdu Sprouting and Oppo Unveil Innovative Phone Powered by AirFuel Resonant at MWC Shanghai 2021


Recapping wireless charging announcements at MWC Shanghai 2021

This week, the world got a glimpse of the future of wireless charging, with announcements about advancements in AirFuel technology.  

Wireless power has been an active area for innovation in recent years, with a number of OEMs looking to overcome the limitations of the first generation inductive technology. We are now witnessing in the industry a move towards the next generation technologies. 

In the AirFuel community, we understand the limitations of first-generation wireless power technologies. The market is beginning to move toward AirFuel Resonant and RF-based wireless power solutions that offer the features and consumer experience demanded by end users.

Chengdu Sprouting and Oppo Debut “Wireless Air Charging” at MWC Shanghai 2021

Chengdu Sprouting, an AirFuel member, in partnership with Oppo, announced at MWC Shanghai 2021 the upcoming release of a smartphone powered by AirFuel Resonant.

AirFuel Resonant is a mature technology with technical specifications, a proven testing and certification process, and early products that have already been proven in-market. This makes AirFuel Resonant an ideal solution for multiple applications, including smartphones. 

At MWC Shanghai 2021, Oppo demonstrated its “Wireless Air Charging” functionality in the company’s booth and through an official video featuring an Oppo X 2021 rollable concept phone placed on a wireless charging pad. Even when lifted or tilted in various directions, the device charges successfully. The key feature drawing industry and media attention is an experience that is truly wireless – freeing users from the requirement to place devices with a millimeter level of precision, or using magnets to align devices with coils.

Wireless Air Charging technology uses magnetic resonance to deliver up to 7.5W of power to the device. The debut of this wireless charging solution indicates we have reached a stage where the technology is ready for integration into mainstream consumer products. With standards, interoperability testing, certification systems, and tools such as the recently released H-Field tester in place, AirFuel Resonant is ready for product integration.  

For more information on this announcement, you can visit a comprehensive Yahoo! Finance recap or the International Business Times’ perspective.

RF Wireless Charging Announcements

Both Motorola and Xiaomi also demonstrated long distance charging solutions using RF-based wireless power at MWC Shanghai 2021.

RF technology is governed by safety regulations that limit the amount of power that can be delivered. RF technology is maturing rapidly and a number of products based on RF wireless power have hit the market (like those of Energeous’ WattUp system) and therefore have passed all appropriate regulatory requirements. Our RF Working Committee is actively engaged in developing specifications.

In 2021 and beyond, we look forward to seeing many more products come to market utilizing our two complimentary AirFuel technologies of Resonant and RF. 

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