Wireless Charging Developer Tools

Everything You Need to Build Wireless Power Into Your Products

AirFuel Resonant Certified
Engineer (ACE) Program

The AirFuel Resonant Certified Engineer Program is a 6-week virtual training workshop to help you integrate wireless power solutions with spatial freedom into your product. All ACE participants will get a deep dive into technical training and complete the program with a working reference design to integrate into prototypes and concepts.

RF Wireless Power Evaluation Kit

In partnership with Energous and Atmosic, this Wirelessly Powered Sensor Evaluation Kit gives you a hands-on experience with Energous’ award-winning Wireless Power Networks technology and Atmosic’s RF Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) system-on-a-chip (SoC).

This kit based on AirFuel RF™ is specifically designed to demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies for battery-free IoT sensor applications.

Coil Design Tool

Use our interactive coil calculator design tool and PTU/PRU parameter details to create a customized coil design for use in integrating AirFuel Resonant® wireless charging technology into your products.

H-Field Scanner

Our H-field scanner independently tests a PTU resonant coil’s magnetic field and automatically determines parameters to ensure that it is in compliance with AirFuel Resonant standards and will be compatible with all PRUs. To purchase the H-field scanner, contact GearWurx.

Testing System

Our AirFuel Resonant testing and certification system includes an Automated Testing System (ATS) developed by Comarch, a magnetic field scanner built by GearWurx, and testing software developed by VPI Technology that runs the scanner and analyzes the magnetic field.

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