Test power at a distance for your products

In partnership with Energous and Atmosic, this Wirelessly Powered Sensor Evaluation Kit gives you a hands-on experience with Energous’ award-winning Wireless Power Networks technology and Atmosic’s RF Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) system-on-a-chip (SoC).

This kit based on AirFuel RF™ is specifically designed to demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies for battery-free IoT sensor applications.

Easily test RF wireless power

  • Sensors provide Temperature, Humidity, and Acceleration info to a mobile app via Bluetooth LE.
  • Multistage RF harvesting rectifier with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithm maximizes.
  • harvesting performance over the input range.
  • Sensor consumes approximately 25% the power of a typical Bluetooth LE beacon.
  • Energy harvesting BLE module with integrated flash supports rapid customer development and device integration in a small form factor.

This evaluation kit includes:

  • Energous 1W WattUp PowerBridge Transmitter (1)
  • Atmosic Battery-Free IoT Sensors (2)
  • Atmosic Mobile App to Monitor and Control TX/RX


AirFuel RF enables rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously within a 3D range, delivering true freedom of device placement.

AirFuel RF is the perfect choice for wearables, IoT devices, consumer electronics, drones, robots, and industrial applications.

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As a global leader in the advancement of wireless charging, Energous develops RF-based wireless power network technology and provides regulatory assistance, supply chain solutions and support to customers around the world.

The AirFuel RF-based Sensor Evaluation Kit is just one of the many wireless charging Developer Kits that Energous offers.

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Atmosic’s innovative Lowest-Power Wireless Technologies are designed to aggressively reduce connected device power consumption to enable battery-free or extended battery life to address the expanding opportunities of connected IoT devices.

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