The Benefits of AirFuel Resonant for Device Makers


Part 3 of a 3-part series on choosing the right wireless power solution for your business.

Product Designer

Read part one on AirFuel Resonant’s benefits for consumer devices, and part two on the benefits in enterprise applications.

Consumers want to power up without plugging in, and AirFuel is the driving force behind making that vision a reality. AirFuel Alliance’s mission is to build a global wireless charging ecosystem based on best-in-industry next generation wireless charging technologies – and we’re dedicated to accelerating the adoption of technologies by creating an interoperable ecosystem. 

In part 3 of this series, we will explore how AirFuel Resonant enables and accelerates innovation in design. OEMs understand that no longer is functionality sufficient for success – consumers are passionate about how their devices look, feel, and reflect their personality. Product designers are continuously pushing the boundaries on what is possible to make their product stand out. Beauty is what sells devices.

With AirFuel Resonant wireless power, designers get expanded freedom to bring their dreams to reality – in shapes they can realize and materials they can use in their design. They can create designs that not only work well, but evoke feelings of joy and delight for consumers.  Let’s explore this in more detail to understand how designers and engineers can work together to create beautiful, highly functional wearable devices, phones, tablets, robots, drones, and more.

Freedom to Dream for Designers

Remember how we used to love devices with organic shapes and curves? Remember, when we used Aluminum, Magnesium, and even carbon fiber to make our electronics thin and light, but still strong? Ever wonder where they went and why? 

The first generation of wireless power technology could not co-exist with metal housings or anything that was magnetically conductive. Additionally, the receiving (and transmitting) coils had to be flat and close to the surface. This meant devices needed to have flat surfaces and be free of metals, metallic paints, etc. Integration of wireless power meant giving up on some of our favorite design elements. 

AirFuel Resonant wireless power solutions can be designed to co-exist with metal, so Aluminum and Magnesium housings are no longer an issue. The coils do not have to be flat, so you can feel free to bend and curve just like in your dreams. Say goodbye to phones that look like bricks, and hello to the smooth edges and organic shapes – just like nature intended.

With AirFuel Resonant, there are virtually no limits on what designers can create. This will lead to a large variety of new ideas for phones, drones, robots (like BB-8 from the latest Star Wars). and body-hugging wearables. That’s the next generation of wireless power.

BB-8 Robot

Designers Won’t Need to Increase Thickness to Include Wireless Power

The good news is that AirFuel Resonant will not increase the thickness of your device. We understand that adding even a fraction of a millimeter of thickness to your device is a compromise you are unwilling to make (and one that you will not have to). The receiving coils for AirFuel Resonant are thinner than the first generation inductive solutions, meaning the addition of new wireless power technology will not come with additional thickness.

AirFuel Resonant Coils

It actually gets better – let’s imagine for a moment, the transformation that second generation wireless power technologies like AirFuel Resonant will bring. All the surfaces in our lives – the kitchen counters, desks and conference room tables – will all be wireless charging enabled. The presence of ubiquitous charging surfaces will lead to the following behavioral changes:

  1. No more charging wires in bags, which will lead to consumer electronics with no ports – not even the charging ports. 
  2. Charging devices without conscious thought. Every time the device is placed on a surface, it will charge itself. No more battery anxiety. I am confident that the days of our devices with ever-increasing battery sizes and weight will come to an end. Devices will be thinner because we will no longer need massive batteries.

AirFuel Resonant Means True Freedom for Designers

Technology advancements like AirFuel Resonant give device creators the freedom and flexibility they need to create the devices they’ve been dreaming about – using the materials, shapes, and sizes they want to use. 

Natural shapes, smooth edges, and better housings are all possible with the AirFuel Resonant standards – and adding this next generation wireless power technology won’t add to the thickness of your device. With AirFuel Resonant, if a designer can dream up an idea, it will be possible to create it and still include wireless charging capabilities.

That kind of freedom moves us one step closer to living in a world where we can have beautiful, highly functional devices AND power up without plugging in.

Get Started With AirFuel Resonant

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