AirFuel Certified Engineer (ACE) Program

Learn How To Integrate Wireless Charging Into Your Products

Come join us for a training program on AirFuel Resonant™ technology and learn how to integrate wireless power with spatial freedom into your product.

This hands-on program for engineers, led by industry experts in AirFuel Resonant technology, will deep-dive into technical details and each participant will leave with a working reference design to integrate into your prototypes and concepts.

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Technical Workshops

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Program Summary

In the ACE Program, you will virtually attend a mix of presentations on technical how-to’s and hands-on workshops to prepare you for applying AirFuel Resonant technology to your product.

AirFuel Resonant Introduction

– The Who, Why, What, and How of AirFuel
– Introduction to AirFuel Resonance Concepts and Theory
– System Architecture and Block Diagram
– Key Terminology and Abbreviations
– PTU/PRU Characterization and Interoperability Concepts
– Operational / State Flow
– Introduction to AirFuel Specifications
– Introduction to AirFuel Certification Program

Transmitter/Receiver Resonator Characterization

– H-Field Concepts (I-H Concepts)
– VNA and Testing Setup Basics (e.g. common-mode prevention, theory for using VNA, etc)
– Measuring Q, k, L, Z21 (wM), SRF
– Impedance Box Characterization
– Scanner, Analysis, and Software Tools
– Hands-On Measurements and Characterization

Power Transmitter Unit (PTU)

– Utilizing the Transmitter Resonator Characteristics
– Why Impedance Matching
– Amplifier Topologies and Concepts
– Impedance Box and Output Levels Testing
– Software States and Gotcha’s (Cross-connect, presence detection, charge complete, etc)
– Hands-On Transmitter Build

Power Receiver Unit (PRU)

– Using H-Field (H-V Concepts) — Designing PRU Resonator using tool.
– Why Impedance Matching
– PRU Theory of Operation
– Electronic Characteristics and Parameters
– Software States and Gotcha’s (e.g. dead-battery, long-beacon, presence pulse, clamping vs operating modes)
– Hands-On PRU Build

AirFuel Bluetooth Communications

– Why Bluetooth and Out-of-Band
– AirFuel Bluetooth Profile
– Software Flow and Parameters (optional & mandatory)
– Choosing and Configuring Software Parameters
– Hands-On Software Configuration

Regulatory Considerations

– General Product Safety

Program Conclusion

– Overview of concepts
– Lessons Learned and Feedback
– Next Steps
– Q&A

For This Program You Will Need:

– Soldering Kit
– Multimeter
– Oscilloscope (100MHz)
– Current Probe at 6.78MHz
– Power Supply (Recommended)

The following equipment will be useful for the program

The ACE Program includes demonstrative use of much of this equipment and it can be helpful to follow along. Please consider this equipment if you plan to design AirFuel Magnetic Resonant systems.

* Indicates required equipment

Description Necessary Features Example Model Course Use
AirFuel Resonant Development Kit* Certified AirFuel Resonant Kit (provided with ACE registration). N/A Explore AirFuel Magnetic Resonance WPT Technology
Oscilloscope* 50 MHz or greater. 100 MHz or greater recommended. Tektronix MSO4014B Measure voltages, currents, and fields of AirFuel Development Kit.
Oscillosope Current Probe Must handle > 5A peak at 6.78 MHz (please account for probe frequency derating). Tektronix TCP0030A Measure PTU resonator coil current waveforms.
2-Port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Must provide accurate Z-parameter readings at 6.78 MHz (Z11, Z22, Z21). Keysight E5071C, Copper Mountain S5045 Coupled & direct measurements including k, Q, and L using Z-parameters. (Demonstrated in class).
General Purpose Lab Equipment Multimeter, soldering kit, bench DC power supply, magnet wire, general purpose wire, SMA/BNC connectors/cabling, etc. N/A General purpose lab measurements, testing, and design on your own.
Ceramic RF Capacitors High Quality Factor, NPO type (C0G), 500V+ voltage rating. N/A Matching network design and testing concepts on your own.


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