AirFuel RF™ enables rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously within a 3D range, delivering true freedom of device placement.

AirFuel RF uses radio frequency (RF) wireless power technology, and is the perfect choice for wearables, IoT devices, consumer electronics, drones, robots, and industrial applications. If you would like to build with AirFuel RF, contact us about accessing the technology.

The benefits of airfuel RF

Applications and use cases

Airfuel RF Resources

Intro to RF Charging

In this webinar, Neeraj Sahejpal, Senior VP of Marketing at Energous, explains the principles and technology of RF wireless power and walks through the key aspects about how to build RF power systems.

Is Wireless Power Safe?

In this post we answer questions related to the safety of wireless power systems and RF exposure, such as “Is wireless power safe?”

How to Keep Wireless Power Transfer Safe

In this webinar, Dr. Eric van Rongen, chairman of ICNIRP, presents new guidelines for exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields and discusses wireless power safety.

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