Next-Gen Wireless Charging Standards

Our Wireless Charging Technologies

AirFuel RF™ facilitates 3D wireless charging for wearables, IoT devices, industrial applications, and other low power devices.

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AirFuel Resonant™ enables alignment-free wireless charging of multiple devices simultaneously at wired-speed.

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The World Leader in
Wireless Charging Standards

AirFuel Alliance® sets industry-leading wireless charging standards, enabling products that power multiple devices simultaneously at speeds equivalent to wired, without requiring precise placement.

AirFuel Alliance brings together member companies from every aspect of the supply chain – including product manufacturers, OEM’s, semiconductors, and researchers – to collaborate, innovate, and create interoperable solutions to build a world where we can power up without plugging in.

Resources and tools for development

AirFuel Alliance provides the specifications, certification guidelines, and developer support you’ll need to quickly build safe, interoperable wireless charging into your products and take them to market.