June 25, 2020 - The Importance of Standards for Broad Adoption of Wireless Power

The Importance of Standards for Broad Adoption of Wireless Power

For a new technology to take off, do products or standards come first?

In this webinar, expert panelists from Samsung, EPC and Chargifi will discuss how to accelerate the adoption of wireless power, the crucial role that technical standards play in the development and acceptance of new technology, and what industry-wide collaboration means for global wireless power infrastructure, components and device manufacturers.

Webinar Panelists

Alex Lidow of EPC

Alex Lidow

CEO and Co-Founder

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation

EPC logo




Howard Benn of SamsungHoward Benn

VP Communications Research

Samsung Electronics R&D Institute

Samsung logo




Dan Bladen of ChargifiDan Bladen

Co-Founder and CEO


Chargifi logo



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