September 16, 2020 - The Truth About Wireless Power Efficiency

The Truth About Wireless Power Efficiency

Sanjay Gupta

Wednesday September 16 2020

Hosted by: Sanjay Gupta, PhD, President of AirFuel Alliance

The tech scene is growing frustrated with the lackluster user experience and inefficient energy consumption of the first generation of wireless power.

In this webinar, Sanjay Gupta, President of AirFuel Alliance, assesses inductive wireless charging’s challenges of wasted energy, explores how next generation wireless power technologies offer superior efficiency over the first generation inductive technologies, and how these next-gen wireless power systems like magnetic resonance and RF are “greener” and will dramatically reduce energy consumption and e-waste.

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About the Wireless Power Webinar Series

AirFuel Alliance is hosting a wireless power webinar series on topics related to the next generation of wireless power technologies—markets, consumer needs, technologies, product integration and engineering hurdles.