March 9 - Webinar: AirFuel RF Powers Football Intelligence on Game Day

AirFuel RF Powers Football Intelligence on Game Day

March 9th from Noon – 1pm ET








Football is a game of inches—where championships are decided by narrow margins and teams are turning to analytics to get a competitive edge.

No one understands this better than Catapult, a pioneer in athlete monitoring and performance analytics. In this webinar join Ted Ellickson, Senior Market Specialist at Catapult, and Eric MacDonald, Director of Product Marketing at Energous, to learn how they integrated AirFuel RF wireless power technology into footballs to power advanced electronics that provide real-time tracking of ball speed, rotation, acceleration, and precise location in relationship to athletes.

The sensorization of sports is here. Register for the webinar to learn how RF wireless power is advancing sports tracking and analytics.


Featuring These Experts

Ted Ellickson

Senior Market Specialist


Ted Ellickson is a Senior Market Specialist at Catapult Sports, a global SaaS company that helps elite sports teams capture, analyze, plan, and share insights about their athletes. The company has nearly 500 staff working with more than 3,425 teams in 40+ sports, including the NFL, EPL, MLB, NHL, AFL, and NCAA. Ted works with some of the best football teams in the country to develop athlete monitoring innovations to improve performance.

Eric MacDonald

Director of Product Marketing


Eric MacDonald is the Director of Product Management at Energous Corporation. With more than 25 years in the industry, Eric has been an early-phase employee at several successful technology startups and held senior roles at large public companies including Western Digital and LSI Logic. At Energous he is focused on RF wireless energy harvesting for the rapidly expanding IoT world. Eric earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at University of California San Diego and holds 3 patents.


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