The Mr. Beacon Ambient IoT Podcast: Innovations in Wireless Charging with AirFuel

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Innovations in Wireless Charging with AirFuel

Season 1Ep. 176

Sourcing power without batteries or wires is key to ambient IoT. This Mr. Beacon episode explores wireless charging innovations with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, president of the AirFuel Alliance. Dr. Gupta discusses the benefits of wireless charging for IoT devices, which can reduce their environmental impact. Watch to learn about the latest advancements in wireless charging technology.

The Mr. Beacon Ambient IoT Podcast

Proximity and location technologies are key to the Internet of Things (IoT) and are causing our digital and physical worlds to converge. Mr. Beacon is a series of interviews with the leaders of companies that are at the center of this revolution. Steve Statler wrote “Beacon Technologies”, a survival guide for people that want to design solutions that use Bluetooth beacons to create experiences that combine location awareness with the power of cloud computing.