What is AirFuel?

AirFuel Overview

The AirFuel Alliance is the leading authority on wireless power technology and standards. We work with our members to promote wireless charging and raise worldwide awareness of its many benefits for consumer and commercial use.

There is not a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to wireless power. Currently, the AirFuel Alliance is focused on Magnetic Resonance & RF wireless power solutions because these technologies are ready for deployment today, offer the most varied applications and address key market demands including increased mobility, flexibility and device compatibility.

As the market continues to evolve, so will AirFuel – investigating new technologies as they emerge and working with only those that deliver the best consumer and business experience as determined by our members.

AirFuel Resonant

AirFuel Resonant charging utilizes uniquely designed coils to allow movement over longer distances while charging. With resonant charging, any enabled surface can power a device, up to 50mm height and from a wide surface area. This lets you transfer power over longer distances and does not require exact orientation.

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AirFuel RF

AirFuel RF uses a radio frequency transmitter and a receiver embedded within the device (not a coil) to pick up RF energy and convert it to power. RF provides low power at distances ranging from a few centimeters to a meter, delivering true spatial freedom. This means it works well with wearables, medical devices or other devices that need the broadest spatial freedom.

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Out in the World

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