AirFuel Certified Engineer (ACE) Program

AirFuel Resonant Certified Engineer Program

Interested in integrating wireless power solutions with spatial freedom into your product? Come join us for a 2 day hands-on training program on AirFuel Resonant technology and learn how to quickly bring your product to market.

This hands-on program for Product Engineers, led by industry experts in AirFuel Resonant technology, will deep-dive into technical training and each participant will leave with a working reference design to integrate into your prototypes and concepts. The ACE Program will be conducted in a lab setting, availability is limited, and registrants must be physically present to participate.

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Program Summary

In the ACE Program, you will attend a mix of presentations on technical how-to’s and hands-on workshops to prepare you for applying AirFuel Resonant technology to your product.

AirFuel Resonant Introduction

– The Who, Why, What, and How of AirFuel
– Introduction to AirFuel Resonance Concepts and Theory
– System Architecture and Block Diagram
– Key Terminology and Abbreviations
– PTU/PRU Characterization and Interoperability Concepts
– Operational / State Flow
– Introduction to AirFuel Documents (BSS, RAT, CTS, IOP, PMD)
– Introduction to AirFuel Certification Program

PTU/PRU Resonator Characterization

– H-Field Concepts (I-H Concepts)
– VNA and Testing Setup Basics (e.g. common-mode prevention, theory for using VNA, etc)
– Measuring Q, k, L, Z21 (wM), SRF
– Impedance Box Characterization
– Scanner, Analysis, and ICS Software Tools
– Hands-On Measurements and Characterization


– Utilizing the PTU Resonator Characteristics
– Why Impedance Matching
– Amplifier Topologies and Concepts
– Impedance Box and Output Levels Testing
– Software States and Gotcha’s (Cross-connect, presence detection, charge complete, etc)
– Hands-On PTU Build


– Using H-Field (H-V Concepts) — Designing PRU Resonator using tool.
– Why Impedance Matching
– PRU Theory of Operation
– Electronic Characteristics and Parameters
– Software States and Gotcha’s (e.g. dead-battery, long-beacon, presence pulse, clamping vs operating modes)
– Hands-On PRU Build

AirFuel Bluetooth Communications

– Why Bluetooth and Out-of-Band
– AirFuel Bluetooth Profile
– Software Flow and Parameters (optional & mandatory)
– Choosing and Configuring Software Parameters
– Hands-On Software Configuration

Regulatory Considerations

– General Product Safety

Program Conclusion

– Overview of concepts
– Lessons Learned and Feedback
– Next Steps
– Q&A

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