AirFuel Certified Engineer (ACE) Program

AirFuel Resonant Certified Engineer Program

Interested in integrating wireless power solutions with spatial freedom into your product? Come join us for a 6 week hands-on virtual training program on AirFuel Resonant technology and learn how to quickly bring your product to market.

This hands-on program for Product Engineers, led by industry experts in AirFuel Resonant technology, will deep-dive into technical training and each participant will leave with a working reference design to integrate into your prototypes and concepts. The ACE Program will be conducted virtually, availability is limited to 15 participants, and priority is given to current AirFuel Alliance members.

The next ACE Program will start on October 15, 2020 and have weekly Thursday sessions until November 19th.


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Program Summary

In the ACE Program, you will attend a mix of presentations on technical how-to’s and hands-on workshops to prepare you for applying AirFuel Resonant technology to your product.

The program’s weekly sessions will be held on Thursdays from 7pm – 10pm ET from October 15 – November 19, 2020.

AirFuel Resonant Introduction

– The Who, Why, What, and How of AirFuel
– Introduction to AirFuel Resonance Concepts and Theory
– System Architecture and Block Diagram
– Key Terminology and Abbreviations
– PTU/PRU Characterization and Interoperability Concepts
– Operational / State Flow
– Introduction to AirFuel Documents (BSS, RAT, CTS, IOP, PMD)
– Introduction to AirFuel Certification Program

PTU/PRU Resonator Characterization

– H-Field Concepts (I-H Concepts)
– VNA and Testing Setup Basics (e.g. common-mode prevention, theory for using VNA, etc)
– Measuring Q, k, L, Z21 (wM), SRF
– Impedance Box Characterization
– Scanner, Analysis, and ICS Software Tools
– Hands-On Measurements and Characterization


– Utilizing the PTU Resonator Characteristics
– Why Impedance Matching
– Amplifier Topologies and Concepts
– Impedance Box and Output Levels Testing
– Software States and Gotcha’s (Cross-connect, presence detection, charge complete, etc)
– Hands-On PTU Build


– Using H-Field (H-V Concepts) — Designing PRU Resonator using tool.
– Why Impedance Matching
– PRU Theory of Operation
– Electronic Characteristics and Parameters
– Software States and Gotcha’s (e.g. dead-battery, long-beacon, presence pulse, clamping vs operating modes)
– Hands-On PRU Build

AirFuel Bluetooth Communications

– Why Bluetooth and Out-of-Band
– AirFuel Bluetooth Profile
– Software Flow and Parameters (optional & mandatory)
– Choosing and Configuring Software Parameters
– Hands-On Software Configuration

Regulatory Considerations

– General Product Safety

Program Conclusion

– Overview of concepts
– Lessons Learned and Feedback
– Next Steps
– Q&A

For This Program You Will Need:

– Soldering Kit
– Multimeter
– Oscilloscope (100MHz)
– Current Probe at 6.78MHz
– Power Supply (Recommended)

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