AirFuel Alliance Announces Launch of Resonant Testing System and Certification Program

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Comprehensive Test System Provides Rapid Interoperability Testing and Certification of AirFuel Resonant Products

Beaverton, OR – April 1, 2021AirFuel® Alliance, the authority on next-generation wireless power technology and standards, has announced the launch of an automated test system and a certification program to support the AirFuel Resonant™ standard. 

Marking completion of a multi-year internal initiative by AirFuel Alliance members, as well as the cooperation of testing system hardware and software partners Comarch, VPI Technology, and Gearwurx, the development of a start-to-finish Resonant testing and certification program is essential for deployment of a global Interoperable ecosystem for next generation wireless power – and ultimately achieving the Alliance’s vision of a world without wires.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman and President of the AirFuel Alliance, shared, “I congratulate our committed members of the AirFuel community on this monumental achievement, which paves the way for broad adoption and rapid deployment of AirFuel Resonant certified products. Making product development, standards compliance, and certification flow smoothly is crucial to the successful launch and adoption of more wireless charging products in-market.”

The new test systems are the final piece of a project driven by the AirFuel Alliance and its members to move the AirFuel Resonant standard to use a common set of magnetic field parameters to define interoperability between power transmit units (PTUs) and power receiver units (PRUs). For PTU developers, this means resonant coil designs can be analyzed early in the design process to confirm that they will be interoperable with all PRUs. PRU developers also benefit from a common set of magnetic field parameters to which they can easily design. These updates increase the ease of interoperability, eliminating the need for proprietary reference devices, and radically reducing the complexity and time required for testing and certification.

Core components of the AirFuel Resonant testing and certification system include an Automated Testing System (ATS) developed by Comarch, a magnetic field scanner built by Gearwurx, and testing software developed by VPI Technology that runs the scanner and analyzes magnetic field parameters. The H-Field Scanner is an important tool in AirFuel’s process, facilitating fast, scalable, and robust interoperability design and validation. The scanner independently tests a PTU resonant coil’s magnetic field and automatically determines parameters to ensure that it is in compliance with AirFuel Resonant standards and will be compatible with all PRUs. 

Testing labs TTA and Gyeongbuk Technopark, have partnered with AirFuel and are fully equipped to validate product performance and provide interoperability certifications. To accelerate product development, the custom H-Field Scanner is also available to AirFuel developers for purchase directly from Gearwurx.

Dr. GiBum Lee, Chief of WPTC at Gyeongbuk Technopark in Korea, shared, “Our Wireless Power Transfer Center (WPTC) is ready to partner with manufacturers of AirFuel Resonant products. The testing and certification process is seamless, highly automated, and offers manufacturers rapid, reliable results so they can obtain certification and take products to market quickly.”

Director of the ICT Convergence Department at TTA, Dongho Kim, commented, “As a global leader in standardization, testing and certification, TTA is pleased to announce that our laboratory in Korea is ready to begin receiving AirFuel Resonant enabled products for testing and certification immediately.”

To review a Case Study on the AirFuel Resonant Automated Test System (ATS) by Comarch, click HERE

Interested parties can contact Collin Lewis at Gearwurx at or Paul Hepworth of VPI at to place an order for the H-Field Scanner. To learn more about AirFuel Alliance and our wireless power standards, access developer tools, and explore becoming an AirFuel Certified Engineer (ACE).

About AirFuel Alliance
AirFuel® Alliance is a global coalition of innovative companies who are committed to a world where we can power up without plugging in. The Alliance develops universal standards for leading edge wireless power technologies and accelerates their adoption by building a global, interoperable wireless power ecosystem supported by eco-friendly infrastructure through approved specifications and testing protocols.  AirFuel Resonant™ and AirFuel RF™ technologies enable rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously and free of cords. For more information visit

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